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Created with Care

The Brand

PROUDLY DESIGNED stands for freedom and convenience, it’s a representation of an artistic soul … Sometimes the soul is thoughtful by blending into its surroundings. Sometimes it emerges and draws attention to itself. It engages in everyday struggles and inspirations. Each PD bag has its separate story. It is individualistic as well as characteristic.

The Designer

Małgorzata Bigaj the founder and principal designer is the creative force bihind this brand. She has been designing handbags since 2012. She is a very strong advocate of the trend of slow and conscious consumptionism. She strives for minimalism and simplicity everyday.

She draws inspiration from architecture, Japanese design and urban street fashion. In her projects, she draws attention to comfort, functionality and simplicity. She doesn’t believe in mass production.


PROUDLY DESIGNED handbags are created in Poland with fine care and attention to detail.

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