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PROUDLY DESIGNED created in the Spring of 2013 in Krakow, Poland for women who appreciate minimalism in their lives and wardrobes. As a result they intensionally shop for simple and functional accessories.



The founder and principal designer, Małgorzata Bigaj is an artist, book and design lover and privatly a mother of two – Cornelia & Lesio. Her carieer began with large-format paintings and graphic designs. Creating a fashion brand has always been her dream. Realising that dream she launched her first line of street bags, which immediately gained great interest. Her Street model is currently available in two sizes and is widely recognized.

Her design comes from her passion and full commitment. She supports „slow fashion” and consumption consciousnous. She takes her inspirations from travel, contemporary art, architecture and urban style. Her products draw attention from their convenience and functionality.



PROUDLY DESIGNED products (simplicity, minimalism, femininity enclosed in a timeless form). All are made in cooperation with talented craftspeople with attention to detail, with the highest quality materials.